1.ELEVATE Investment readiness program for entrepreneurs looking to attract the right capital for their businesses. This is a program that will help you see your business through the lens of an investor and the importance of SDG alignment. See the program structure and requirements here.

This program is also tailored for women and youth entrepreneurs.

2. Digital Marketing.

3. Talent assessment for startups and SMEs. We not only develop enterprises to run sustainably but also important to develop the entrepreneur explicitly. A self aware entrepreneur is confident and knows how to positively apply their knowledge and skills into their business, develop a company culture based on what matters most to them and hire better given their limited resources.This program comes with a personal development plan which the entrepreneur works through with their mentor/coach. Our team is certified by TMA to carry out Talent assessments as their regional partner.

4. Mobilization of entrepreneurs.

5. Data science workshops for SMEs.

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