Roberto Arrucha

Roberto Arrucha

Roberto Arrucha

Director, Social Innovation Hub

With 10 years of entrepreneurship experience, 2 as professor and 3 as mentor and consultant, Roberto is a mix of constant creativity, brutal honesty, contagious passion and results driven person.

He is the founder of Latinomics Leadership Forum, one of the most recognized NGOs in Latin America due to its work on disrupting the traditional education model.

He is also the founder and current Director of Social Innovation Hub and Impact Investor in more than 10 grass-roots social initiatives in 6 countries. He is based in Vienna, Austria during spring & summer time (north hemisphere), and around the world during winter & fall, where he works directly with communities, social entrepreneurs and NGOs.



Education & Training

  • Mexico school of Law, Economics and Business

Areas of Expertise

  • Law
  • Economics.
  • Business

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